Our story

Over the course of nearly 10 years, Chute Certo (Right Kick) has become one of Rio de Janeiro’s most respected references in sports training.

At Chute Certo more than 1,000 athletes are divided into 6 different core groups and in 2013 we were nominated best model school by local recreational centers.
Our infrastructure is unlike any other soccer facilities in the region, showcasing professional grade soccer field, a pleasant and safe location, parking lot, leisure space, volleyball court, snack bar, entertainment center, and a breathtaking view of Rio de Janeiro’s natural landscape. Chute Certo has grown as a result of its competence and commitment to our customers’ experience.




Our Mission

Provide health through the happiness of sports practicing.


Be recognized in Brazil and the world by our partners, customers and the market as a reference of structure and service in sports practicing.


Quality, trust, knowledge, innovation and versatility.